Safety first on Turf Tek playgrounds

Turf Tek synthetic grass products are the ideal surfacing for playgrounds, day care facilities and community play areas. Our products have been tested for years to ensure that we produce only the safest turf surfaces for these applications. We have options available that can meet any desired fall height ratio rating up to 12 feet. You will feel confident that your children/students will have a safe play surface when you choose Turf Tek to cover your playground.

Outside and playground time is crucial for childhood development. Get more time on the playground with Turf Tek products. Our advanced turf backing allows maximum drainage and is environmentally friendly. Combine this with premium fibers used in the construction of the products and you get the #1 surface on the playground market today.

Turf Tek Playground products are perfect for the following applications:

  • Commercial Playgrounds
  • Backyard Play Areas
  • Day-cares and Schools
  • Parks and Common Areas