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Tough Enough For Every Environment

You need synthetic turf surfacing that looks great but is still durable. At Turf Tek, we know what turf will work best for your project and individual needs. Turf Tek Total Service will manage everything from surface selection through installation, warranty and maintenance.

Look to the recognized industry leader in artificial surfacing to provide the next generation of artificial grass for commercial landscape applications. Turf-Tek utilizes a remarkable, new synthetic fiber—fabricated with a breakthrough polymer process that takes artificial turf to a new level of realism. This remarkable grass surface captures the natural essence of actual sod, exuding a look and feel that’s as supple, and soft, as the real thing. Turf Tek has achieved a unique pliability within each blade that allows the fibers to bend, twist, compress and bounce back infused with this innovative technology.


Edge-to-edge quality for your home landscaping

Enjoying a beautiful property shouldn’t require hard labor. One call to Turf Tek gets you everything you need for safe, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance landscaping over every inch of your property. It’s the beautiful new landscape you always wanted – and will enjoy for years to come!

  • Multiple colors and styles – match the natural grass in your area
  • Completely pet-friendly – no worries about your family’s best friends
  • Patented “Shine Block” – reduce the glare and enhance your property’s natural qualities
  • Reduced allergens – and no chemical fertilizers or insecticides
  • Water conservation – save our most precious resource without reducing visual appeal
  • No rocks or other debris – play hard, play safe
  • Recyclable, ADA-compliant materials – and don’t forget the DuraFlo™ backing!
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Safety first on Turf Tek playgrounds

Turf Tek synthetic grass products are the ideal surfacing for playgrounds, day care facilities and community play areas. Our products have been tested for years to ensure that we produce only the safest turf surfaces for these applications. We have options available that can meet any desired fall height ratio rating up to 12 feet. You will feel confident that your children/students will have a safe play surface when you choose Turf Tek to cover your playground.

Outside and playground time is crucial for childhood development. Get more time on the playground with Turf Tek products. Our advanced DuraFlo™ backing allows maximum drainage and is environmentally friendly. Combine this with premium fibers used in the construction of the products and you get the #1 surface on the playground market today.

Turf Tek Playground products are perfect for the following applications:

  • Commercial Playgrounds
  • Backyard Play Areas
  • Day-cares and Schools
  • Parks and Common Areas
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A lawn with a view

Look, up in the sky … it’s the nicest rooftop landscaping you’ve ever seen. If you thought eye-catching terrain was limited to the ground level, think again: Our experienced design and installation experts know what works way up there, where there’s no room to get it wrong. Your unique challenge is our proudest installation – trust Turf Tek to meet your highest expectations.

  • The look and feel of real grass – for any elevated environment
  • Maximize your living area by transforming hard, unused spaces
  • No weeding, no mowing, no chemicals, no water
  • Fire-resistant standards
  • Temperature-controlled summer coolness, no-effort winter green
  • “Green” terraces, rooftop putting greens, perfect patio parties and more!

Artificial Grass Green Roofs

Expand and recreate any rooftop living space on a rooftop, patio surface or terrace. Turf Tek's artificial grass products provide the best green roof surface available. Engineered using our patented drainage tile system to be the most durable, best draining and most realistic green roof artificial grass on the market.


  • Turf Tek Roof Installation System: Installs directly over any standard flooring without the use of nails or glue. This creates a luxurious, plush roof surface year round.
  • Durability: A green roof surface designed to withstand every climate.
  • Valuable Living Space: Transforms previously unusable or rarely used areas into valuable green roof living space.

Ideal For:

  • Rooftops
  • Patio Areas
  • Terraces
  • Decks
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Pet Areas

Rover never had it so good

Dogs love real grass – they’re especially fond of eating it, digging it up and, of course, using it as their personal potties. Maintaining a beautiful lawn with a puppy in the mix can be almost impossible … but Turf Tek’s products can cure those canine calamities. Our expert designers will help you create the perfect space for the entire family, including Rover, and our safety-tested, pet-oriented artificial turfs will make puddles and pesticides nothing but bad memories. You’ll save a fortune on doggie baths alone!

  • Subsurface tiles drain moisture quickly, providing a safe, mud-free play area
  • Cleans easily
  • Anti-microbial materials never need pesticides or chemical treatments
  • Completely recyclable
  • Green all year long!
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