Turf Tek USA provides state-of-the-art synthetic turf solutions for indoor or outdoor lacrosse fields, football fields, soccer fields and baseball fields.

Our synthetic turf system is customized and is gentler on the player’s body allowing for longer and harder practice and playing time. Turf Tek USA athletic turf product choices meet every indoor field and outdoor sports field surface needs, some advantages include:

  • Body-Friendly – less impact and fewer injuries!
  • More Sanitary – footwear and clothes stay clean!
  • Maintenance free – no need to water or mow!
  • No Down Time – with our quick drainage system!
  • Safe – No chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides!
  • Green Year Round – Year-round playing is now possible!

There are several options when it comes to infill. Many situations can benefit from the use of one type over another. The two main options are (quartz) sand or (rubber) crumb infill. While crumb has become synonymous with turf installations, (quartz) sand and the appropriate padding, boast many benefits that crumb infill does not.

Turf Tek USA uses the highest quality (quartz) sand Infill available on the market today. This combined with G rated sports field padding, provides a finished product that is ideal for any sports application. Whether it is an athletic field, batting cage or tennis court, our products and specialized installation methods deliver quality and performance.