So, this is just AstroTurf, right?

No! Synthetic grass has evolved since the Houston Astrodome debuted almost 50 years ago. Those early generations of “fake grass” suffered from unnatural appearance and feel, and became known as a severe injury risk. But over five decades, advances in materials and construction have created products that are much safer and easier to maintain, and indistinguishable in appearance and texture from traditional high-maintenance lawns

What’s the grass made of?

Turf Tek is an official dealer of premium synthetic grass made from polyolefin, a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene. The grass and its fill and backing materials are 100-percent recyclable – a truth not all synthetic lawns can claim.

Have your synthetic grass products been tested for safety and environmental hazards?

Absolutely. We’ve undergone extensive testing and all of the products we sell meet or exceed federal safety standards. The products are free of lead and heavy metals, and our playground grass and SofFill™ combination are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association.

Is synthetic grass flammable?

No. Lit cigarettes or burning coals from barbecue grills will melt the fibers in the spot where they fall, but Turf Tek’s artificial grass is not flammable – and any melted spots can be easily clipped away.

Can installing Turf Tek products increase the value of my home?

Yes it can! Some estimates say that replacing ugly brown sod with lush synthetic grass can add 10 percent or more to residential or commercial property values.

What long-term effects does sunlight have on your products?

Our artificial grass blades have been carefully engineered to resist fading and other sun-based damage.

Do you offer a warranty?

Of course! Our artificial grass products come with a 2-year transferable manufacturer’s warranty, and we’re also happy to offer a 2-year installation warranty.

What can you tell me about drainage?

This is not a typo: Turf Tek products drain at a rate of 400 inches per hour!

Are your products “pet friendly?”

Yes. Pet urine may discolor your traditional lawn, but not our synthetic blades. Cleaning up after your pets was never this easy, and we make extra sure nothing in our products will harm your family’s best friend.

How much does it cost?

Turf Tek’s synthetic grass products are priced by the square foot and installation costs vary based on the details of a specific project. The initial costs of installing a new synthetic lawn may be slightly more than simply re-sodding your yard, but by eliminating costs associated with watering, fertilizing, mowing, aerating, seeding and other gardening/landscaping services, your no-maintenance lawn will prove to be a cost savings in no time!

What can you tell me about your infill material?

Turf Tek uses an antimicrobial infill product known as SofFill™, made from an acrylic-coated silica. It avoids the harmful off-gassing of crumb-rubber infill and the unpleasant odor and dust often associated with rubber materials, and with no lead or heavy metals, it’s the most environmentally friendly infill product on the market. Our infill has no static cling, unlike rubber infill materials that stick to clothing, and it doesn’t float – eliminating concerns about hazardous runoff.

How do I remove debris from my artificial lawn?

A leaf blower or simple garden hose will do the trick. One of the best advantages of synthetic grass is its super-easy maintenance.

There are lots of synthetic grass companies. Why Turf Tek?

Customers choose Turf Tek for many reasons, starting with our high-quality products and professional design and installation services. Superior customer service is just as important to us as the look and feel that set Turf Tek’s products apart – and we offer an array of financing and payment options to make synthetic grass a winning option for any budget.