Product Name Product uses Face Weight Pile Height Color Roll Width Price
Natural Lawn
This proprietary blend only offered by Turf Tek Direct is specifically made for the Northeast to be a new benchmark in synthetic landscape turf. 85 OZ 1.8" Field, Olive, Brown 15' $3.85 SQ/FT
Natural Lawn
Multi-use natural lawn look with lasting beauty. Excellent for heavy traffic. Best in class natural & realistic lush appearance. 75 OZ 1.7" Summer Blend 15' $3.50 SQ/FT
Natural Lawn
Designed specifically for pets and heavy traffic areas. Extremely durable blades with superior drainage. 82 OZ 1.2" Summer Blend 15' $3.65 SQ/FT
The ultimate in commercial & residential artificial grass playground surfacing. Heavy traffic very durable. 72 OZ 1.1" Bi-Color Green 15' $4.10 SQ/FT
Versa Turf
Great versatile turf with a natural look at a competitive price point. 70 OZ 1.5" Field Green 15' $2.99 SQ/FT
Sports XT
Designed as multi-use sports turf for both indoor and outdoor use. 100 OZ 2.0" Summer Blend (Available in multiple colors) 15' $3.99 SQ/FT
Sports Tek
The next generation of athletic turf is a non-crumb rubber infill product that reacts naturally to all sports. 80 OZ 1.2" Field Green 15' $3.60 SQ/FT
Pro Putt
High-end synthetic putting product. Delivers the most realistic experience. Adjustable stimp speed. 44 OZ 0.62" Emerald, Field Green 15' $3.45 SQ/FT